Since 1998, the Arkansas Department of Information Systems (DIS) has provided Local Area Network (LAN) support to the Arkansas Public School Computer Network (APSCN).  APSCN LAN Support was initially a function of the Arkansas Public School Computer Network.  Together with the Arkansas Department of Education (ADE), DIS has increased the level of technical support services directly available to Arkansas Public Schools.

Seven field technicians are geographically located across the state to provide maximum onsite assistance to all school districts.  As a result, customers receive more rapid response times to issues via phone and onsite assistance. 

The APSCN Support Group provides all facets of LAN support to the school districts at the request of the district Technology Coordinator or System Administrator.  In some instances, a Technology Coordinator/System Administrator is not available; it is helpful if schools employ, empower or appoint a Technology Coordinator or System Administrator to direct the operations of the individual school's computer network.